Do You Pay Employees To Pick Up Construction Supplies?

Hot Truck can save you money! We’ve helped numerous contractors reduce their operational expenses with our on-demand construction supply delivery service. For a limited time you can save $25 on your first delivery. Create a new Hot Truck account and include “SAVE25” in your delivery notes!

Employees Are Expensive

Small contractors typically only have a few skilled employees working for them and do not have the need or budget required to hire a full-time supply runner. This is where the inefficiencies and loss of profits can come in. If a contractor only employs skilled labor, then they’ll likely be forced to send their skilled labor to pick up supplies. As a result, they’ll be paying premium wage rates for simple deliveries, causing them to spend more money than they need to.

Boost Employee Productivity

When skilled labor is assigned to run errands, it’s tough for them to regain focus when they get back on the job site. People can only multi-task so much. When they’re doing too many different things, they’ll become less productive. As a result, they’ll spend additional working hours every month regaining focus. In terms of payroll, this means hundreds of dollars in additional and unnecessary wage expenses every month.

Improve Morale At Work

Construction workers want to do, well, construction work. When skilled labor is sent to shop for supplies it’s not just expensive; it’s also bad for morale. Skilled laborers want to utilize their industry-specific skills and directly contribute to projects on the job site. Using Hot Truck will remove the burden of supply deliveries from your employee’s. It will allow them to do what they’re experts at – construction work.

Hot Truck Delivery Vehicle Options


Vehicle load limit:

Up to 2 boxes (25 pounds each)


Vehicle load limit:

Up to 1 pallet (500 lbs., 10 ft. long)

Pipe-Rack Truck

Vehicle load limit:

Up to 1 pallet (800 lbs., 21 ft. long)

Lift-Gate Truck

Vehicle load limit:

Available upon request

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*Not all vehicles are available in all regions.

How It Works

1. Choose Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

Enter pick up and drop off locations or select your favorite supplier from our list.

2. Select Delivery Vehicle

Choose a car, pickup truck, pipe-rack truck or box truck for your delivery.

3. Enter Delivery Details

Add P.O. number and any specific instructions for your driver.

4. Track and Pay

Track the status of your delivery and pay in the app.

For A Limited Time You Can Save $25 On Your First Delivery

Create a new Hot Truck account and include “SAVE25” in your delivery notes!