Why Use Hot Truck?

Time Is Money

Receive immediate supply deliveries when you need them. Hot Truck drivers are on stand by ready to deliver your construction supplies.

Keep Your Team On Site

Gone are the days of having to leave the job site or send one of your workers to pick up parts you needed for the job.

Keep Vehicle Costs Down

Since Hot Truck is doing the work, there’s no need to rack up extra miles or wear down your vehicles.

Be In The Know

Track your order in real time, communicate with your driver, and recieve live status updates.

How It Works

The Best Way To Get Construction Supplies

You’ve got a job to complete, others rely on you, and there are deadlines to meet. It’s imperative you keep costs to a minimum and stay on site leading your team. Luckily, you use Hot Truck and all of your material deliveries will be delivered on time when you need them, allowing you to focus on the job at hand and keep the team working.

Hot Truck Delivery Vehicle Options


Vehicle load limit:

Up to 2 boxes (25 pounds each)


Vehicle load limit:

Up to 1 pallet (500 lbs., 10 ft. long)

Pipe-Rack Truck

Vehicle load limit:

Up to 1 pallet (800 lbs., 21 ft. long)

Lift-Gate Truck

Vehicle load limit:

Available upon request

Check Live Prices

*Not all vehicles are available in all regions.


Tri-Cities, WA

Spokane, WA

Seattle, WA

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